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Sheridans cheesemongers

Pure Irish sea salt harvested from the wild Atlantic waters of Achill Island. Its soft and flaky texture creates an intensity of flavour that will enhance any dish...
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Achill Island Seaweed Salt is a mix of our pure white natural sea salt flakes (75%)  and Atlantic Wakame (Alaria esculenta) (25%) which is hand harvested by the Connemara Seaweed Company.This unique fusion of sea salt and seaweed will give an exceptional umami flavour to any dish.  We..
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Achill Island Smoked Sea Salt is hot-smoked with beech and oak and will bring the taste of a BBQ grill and Achill Island to some of your favourite dishes...
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Based in Burgundy, France, Edmond Fallot have been producing the finest mustards since 1840. They are the last independent and family-run mustard mill in Burgundy. Edmond Fallot uses top-quality raw materials and traditional methods to grind the mustard seeds by stone to extract the very best of the..
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Edmond Fallot's Red Wine Vinegar is divinely aromatic with a subtle taste that enhances any dish it is added to. This vinegar makes for a delicious, healthy salad dress all on it's own or is a great way to spruce up a marinade. It's flavor is one of a kind and will quickly become a staple in your ki..
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This seed-style whole grain mustard has the perfect blend of heat and acid to cut through the rich charcuterie. ..
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Janet’s Cranberry sauce is packed full of plump, juicy berries that will give liven up any Christmas dinner...
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Mella’s Vanilla Fudge Pouches, 175gMella McAuley makes her stunningly delicious butter fudge, using local Bandon butter. Mella began making fudge for a local sweet shop in Bantry when she was in school. Fifteen years later, having worked in a variety of different spheres (including a ..
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A chunky blend of roasted red peppers & aubergines with green & Kalamata olives, tomatoes and herbs blended with extra virgin olive oil. Bursting with sunny mediterranean flavours of tomato and olives, it's great spread on crusty bread or crackers and makes a good dip too...
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Red pepper and feta meze, based on the traditional Greek recipe HtipitiIdeal as an appetiser or dip..
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Paiarrop offer a great range of quince and fig based products made in Spain. Paiarrop Quince Paste is perfectly paired with almost any cheese..
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Panettone Classico, a typical cake of the Italian confectionery tradition. Soft and fragrant, rich in perfumed candied fruits and delicious raisins.Our special ingredient to create a top-quality artisan Panettone is the precious Pasta Madre, a soft and natural sourdough obtained through water and fl..
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