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About Us

Stuff U Need is an online shopping and delivery portal set up during Covid19 by a diverse group of suppliers and producers in a number of trades. 

Our goal at Stuff U Need is to provide essential staple items that you require delivered to your door via contactless delivery. Stuff U Need is set up to ensure not only our elderly and most vulnerable members of society don’t need to leave their homes in order to get essential food supplies, but also to encourage others to stay at home and help our front line staff and medical professionals by minimising our social contact. 

We have sourced our products from local and reputable suppliers as close to home as possible to help to support these businesses during a very difficult time. 

We are proud to be able to supply areas of Dublin during this time and offer employment to event drivers and hospitality staff in a time of such uncertainty. 

For now our delivery zones are limited to ensure quality logistics but as we grow so to will our zones expand. 

Stay Safe, Stay at Home and we will get the Stuff U Need to you.



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