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Enriched with added Vitamins B, D, E and extra Calcium and Folic Acid, Avonmore Super Milk contains more of these important nutrients than Fresh Milk and is a great choice for all the family. Avonmore Super Milk is a rich source of Vitamin D. Just one 250ml glass is fortified with 5 micrograms of Vi..
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500g of Baby Spinach ..
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Ballymaloe Country Relish
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Ballymaloe Original Relish is rich in tomatoes, delicious and versatile. It is excellent with beef burgers, French fries, cold meats, cheese, sausage rolls and salads. It is also wonderful in sandwiches or served with light meals, picnics or barbecues.310gr Virtually fat freeGluten freeDairy fr..
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Every sandwich needs a good dollop of delicious Ballymaloe Original Relish! Ballymaloe Relish is jammed packed with tomatoes bursting with unique flavour, this is our leading product and is extremely versatile. It is delicious with cheese, cold meats, burgers and sausage rol..
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It has to be... Barry's Gold We at Barry's Tea always use our skill and expertise to blend to Irish tastes. Our Gold Blend is exceptional in its quality and bright golden colour, every time. 100% Natural Black Tea From Rainforest Alliance Certified™ tea gardens Selected and Sourced Across Rwanda, Ke..
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Batchelors Baked Beans 420g
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Baked Beans in Rich Tomato SauceIt's good sitting at the top and being Ireland's No. 1 Bean. Working together since 1935, we've been popping beans into tins for donkeys years so we know a thing or two about keeping them perfect, nutritious and tasty.Remember... give it Beans!Barney & Beany100% I..
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Made in Dublin but not a total city pea. We use nothing but Irish Peas grown by Irish Pea farmers. We've been popping peas in tins for donkeys years so we know a thing or two about keeping them perfect nutritious & tasty...
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Our delicious Biscoff inspired cake…fresh sponge filled with layers of light speculoos flavoured cream. Topped with Lotus biscuits to finish….(7” round serves 6/8 approx)..
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The Bonne Maman marmalade range brings vibrant citrus flavours and evocative scents to the breakfast table. Traditional style, intensely flavoured, fine shred Bitter Orange beautifully balances the tart flavour of peel with sweeter orange notes. A delicious morning wake up on hot buttered toast or m..
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The Bonne Maman Conserves are perfect for your breakfast table, afternoon tea or baking. The Raspberry is a must! Perfect to add a little kick to your Victoria sponge cake. Jars and lids widely recycled. ..
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