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500g of Cooked Beetroot..
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Cremeux de Bougogne is a classic mould-rind double-crème cheese. Surrounded by a white bloom rind smelling faintly of mushrooms, the interior of this sumptuous, 72% butterfat cheese is a soft white paste that tastes like a heavenly mixture of butter and stiffly whipped cream. ..
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1 Cucumber ..
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Traditionally made using natural ingredients Scoop it, dollop it, melt it Contains no hydrogenated oils Suitable for vegetarians..
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Délice de Bourgogne is a French cow's milk cheese from the Burgundy region of France. It was first created in 1975 by Jean Lincet at Fromagerie Lincet. It is a soft-ripened triple-cream cheese. The creamy texture results from the extra cream that is added during the cheese-making process...
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Pure taste, Source of the Verde River, 9 3/4 mins, Bronze dies - rough surface holds sauce betterSuitable for vegans and vegetarians, Kosher..
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DOLMIO® Sauce for Bolognese Original contains a few very simple ingredients, the main ones being crushed tomatoes and tomato paste. In fact, just over 391g in every 500g jar is made up of them, and each serving has over 97g of tomatoes, which is 17g more than one of your five-a-day portions of ..
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Stir up some passion in your pasta with our delicious Carbonara Stir-in sauce. This rich and creamy carbonara is made with cream, spiced ham, rich cheddar and parmesan. An indulgent treat.Enjoy this indulgent meal as part of a balanced weekly diet. For healthy recipe inspiration visit dolmio.comDolm..
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Balsamic vinegar is made with cooked “must” (the natural juice from grapes) which is obtained from selected grapes and aged over time in wooden barrels. These are made from different type of wood to give a variety of aromas. As the vinegar becomes older, it becomes more concentrated and d..
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