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FX Buckley's yummy Handmade Dauphinoise Potatoes...
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Shoulder of Lamb, cut into well trimmed, bite sized chunks makes excellent quality casseroles or stews. All of our lamb is Irish, naturally raised on a diet of grass and heather and prepared by hand in our shops by our master butchers.This diced leg of lamb is hand prepared by our professional craft..
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Our famous beef burgers are only made from the finest ingredients. Meaty, juicy and seriously tasty are the words we hear to describe the flavour of these burgers. Made from lean round steak and lightly seasoned these burger are great on the BBQ or a tasty evening meal.Cooking tip:• Leave the burger..
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Our smoked bacon is traditionally brine cured using an old recipe and traditionally smoked over beech wood. The taste is worlds apart from the moisture and e-number injected bacon on supermarket shelves, with less contraction and moisture loss during cooking. Only whole backs are selected for this b..
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FX Buckley's yummy homemade Fish Pie..
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FXB Fully dressed Rack of Lamb with 8 ribs with a French trim. ..
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One of our best sellers, Irish beef layered between fresh pasta and our signature Béchamel sauce...
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Fresh beef mince with a difference. We only use the finest and freshest round steak for our extra lean round mince. It can be used for a variety of different uses such as delicious burgers, shipyards pie, bolognaise and meat loafs.Cooking tip:• try cooking mince in small batch not over crowded the p..
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A leg of lamb (2-2.5kg) cooked on the bone makes the perfect Sunday lunch. All of our lamb is certified Irish Lamb. A whole leg is ideal for serving large numbers, and yields plenty of lean, tender meat. It can be divided into two joints, the fillet and the shank.With plenty to go around, a full leg..
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Minced lamb makes excellent lean and flavoursome mince. All mince is minced at least daily. ..
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FX Buckley's yummy handmade Pepper Sauce...
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The signature roast in FX Buckley Butchers. The 5-bone Carve rib roast joint on the bone (1kg) is a classic - beautifully marbled meat with just enough fat, cooked on the bone to provide full flavours and moist tenderness. You can choose from 1-5 ribs depending on your needs. This is a premium beef ..
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