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Alce Nero Arborio rice features large, pearly white grains. This is a long-stem, native Italian variety with a deep root system, which are characteristics that guarantee a healthier plant and greater nutritional quality in our product due to its ability to draw nourishment from the richest layers of..
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Alce Nero organic boiled chickpeas are sourced exclusively from Italian farms. The chickpea plant is extremely ancient and comes from Asia, from where it then spread throughout the entire Mediterranean. Rich in fibre and protein, they are perfect for soups, salads and broths...
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Alce Nero Passata is organic tomato puree in the glass. Sun-ripened tomatoes from certified organic farming are washed and peeled. Then they are processed to this fruity passata. Use the passata as a basis for fruity tomato sauces or soups...
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Alce Nero organic Arrabbiata tomato sauce is made from elongated tomatoes, including Coimbra, Ercole, and other varieties, which are grown on approximately 30 farms in the Po Delta in the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna. The tomatoes, which are harvested in July, August, and September at just the r..
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Every sandwich needs a good dollop of delicious Ballymaloe Original Relish! Ballymaloe Relish is jammed packed with tomatoes bursting with unique flavour, this is our leading product and is extremely versatile. It is delicious with cheese, cold meats, burgers and sausage rol..
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The Bonne Maman marmalade range brings vibrant citrus flavours and evocative scents to the breakfast table. Traditional style, intensely flavoured, fine shred Bitter Orange beautifully balances the tart flavour of peel with sweeter orange notes. A delicious morning wake up on hot buttered toast or m..
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The Bonne Maman Conserves are perfect for your breakfast table, afternoon tea or baking. The Raspberry is a must! Perfect to add a little kick to your Victoria sponge cake. Jars and lids widely recycled. ..
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Burgundy Truffle: Tuber uncinatum Chatin also known as the autumnal variant of the Tuber aestivum or Scorzone (“bark”) truffle which is harvested during the summer. Burgundy truffle differs from Scorzone for its more intense perfume and taste but also for its darker color. Burgundy truffle is a..
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Chivers Cranberry Sauce perfectly accompanies a variety of roast meats. Whether it’s your Christmas turkey or a Sunday roast chicken, Chivers fruity and succulent cranberry sauce is available all year round to compliment your family’s favourite...
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