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This seed-style whole grain mustard has the perfect blend of heat and acid to cut through the rich charcuterie. ..
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Flahavan's are committed to sustainable production that protects the environment and our community. We burn the outer shell of the oat to fuel the boiler which generates steam used in the cooking process of the oats. We also use water from the original millstream at the River Mahon to generate elect..
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Flahavans Original Granola 450g
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Toasted wholegrain oat granola with fruit, nuts, and seeds.Flahavan's Original Granola - a deliciously tasty combination of fruit, nuts, seeds and our finest Irish Flahavan's oats. Our oats are coated with a blend of sugar and honey, then toasted to perfection. Enjoy as a cereal, a snack or as a top..
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Flying Goose Sriracha Chilli Sauce
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Made from sun-ripened chilli, the sauce is ready to use with roasted or cold cut meats, kebabs or just add to anything to give your dish a sizzling kick.Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. ..
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1 Silver MedalCharacterized by a rich perfume and an agreeable and rounded balsamic acidity, the “Medaglia d’Argento” is an aromatic balsamic vinegar, enhancing the flavors of any dish with its intensity. In cuisine it can be used fresh or can be heated in cooking preparations.Ingredients: Mus..
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2 Gold MedalsA classic for the Giusti family is a greatly versatile balsamic, used fresh or heated. Of a good density and optimal balance between the sweet and sour, it is characterized by overtones of mature fruits, liquorice and black pepper.Ingredients: Must have cooked grapes, aged wine vinegar...
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3 MedalsDedicated to the ancestor who created the recipe at the beginning of the 20th century, this balsamic is born from sweet, sundried grapes. Aromas and flavours of plum jam and red fruits intertwine with hints of honey and vanilla in a considerable dense and sweet balsamic, perfect as a fresh d..
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5 MedalsThe ultimate pride and expression of the art of Giusti Vinegars. Great body and concentration, with a bouquet of aromas of extraordinary complexity. Notes of plum, black cherries and a sweet spiciness, infused by the fragrance of ancient woods.In series of antique small casks dating back to ..
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