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Sheridans cheesemongers

Pure Irish sea salt harvested from the wild Atlantic waters of Achill Island. Its soft and flaky texture creates an intensity of flavour that will enhance any dish...
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Achill Island Seaweed Salt is a mix of our pure white natural sea salt flakes (75%)  and Atlantic Wakame (Alaria esculenta) (25%) which is hand harvested by the Connemara Seaweed Company.This unique fusion of sea salt and seaweed will give an exceptional umami flavour to any dish.  We..
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Achill Island Smoked Sea Salt is hot-smoked with beech and oak and will bring the taste of a BBQ grill and Achill Island to some of your favourite dishes...
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Made on their farm in Somerset by the Barber Family. This is a smooth and delicious Red Leicester. A favorite with all of the Family...
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White rind, soft, earthy flavour with mushroomy notes. The traditional Brie from France’s best producer; Dongé. Ripe Brie is characterized by a white rind speckled with brown and reddish spots, especially on the edge of the cheese. Though not liquid, and although the cheese should have an aroma..
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Finest Comté matured by Marcel Petite in the Jura mountains for 12 to 16 months. Medium flavour with smooth, firm texture. Raw cow’s milk. The cheese’s similarity to Gruyère has earned it the nickname ‘Gruyère de Comté’. All of the Comté in Sheridan’s comes from the most celebrated affineu..
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Cremeux de Bougogne is a classic mould-rind double-crème cheese. Surrounded by a white bloom rind smelling faintly of mushrooms, the interior of this sumptuous, 72% butterfat cheese is a soft white paste that tastes like a heavenly mixture of butter and stiffly whipped cream. ..
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Délice de Bourgogne is a French cow's milk cheese from the Burgundy region of France. It was first created in 1975 by Jean Lincet at Fromagerie Lincet. It is a soft-ripened triple-cream cheese. The creamy texture results from the extra cream that is added during the cheese-making process...
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Based in Burgundy, France, Edmond Fallot have been producing the finest mustards since 1840. They are the last independent and family-run mustard mill in Burgundy. Edmond Fallot uses top-quality raw materials and traditional methods to grind the mustard seeds by stone to extract the very best of the..
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Edmond Fallot's Red Wine Vinegar is divinely aromatic with a subtle taste that enhances any dish it is added to. This vinegar makes for a delicious, healthy salad dress all on it's own or is a great way to spruce up a marinade. It's flavor is one of a kind and will quickly become a staple in your ki..
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This seed-style whole grain mustard has the perfect blend of heat and acid to cut through the rich charcuterie. ..
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Killeen goat’s is a gouda cheese, in the classic Dutch style. The natural orange-beige rind is covered in a thin layer of breathable plastic, whilst the paste is brilliant white. At three months the flavour is fresh, clean and milky, with a very slight lactic note in the finish. The cheese develops ..
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