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Cloudpicker Coffee - Finca La Montañita Christmas Coffee - Ground Bean

Cloudpicker Coffee - Finca La Montañita Christmas Coffee - Ground Bean

Christmas 2020, a Christmas like no other, really requires an extra degree of comfort, warmth and sweetness and this coffee has it in spades!

Finca La Montañita is a farm located in the fertile uplands of Chalatenango and is run by 24 year old producer Eugenia Diaz. She has been managing the farm for 8 years now, having taken over from her father. Constantly striving to improve quality and farm practices, her family has benefited from the steady growth in specialty coffee as their commitment to quality is rewarded.


This is our first time to have the Pacamara variety on our offering since the San Andres, also from El Salvador. Here, the famously gigantic bean is mixed with Pacas variety, one of the Pacamara parents, and the coffee is therefore a little less voluminous (and thus easier to fit in the bags!) than the San Andres was.


The coffee trees from La Montañita are grown in the shade of Sweetgum and the native Cujes trees.... sounds so nice doesn’t it! The cherries are traditionally fermented for 18 hours as part of the processing. They are then fully sun dried on raised beds... oh to lay out on a sun bed!


So we hope you enjoy this coffee and it brings the warm hug that so many of you, your friends and family need this year!

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