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Luxury tote bag filled with all your travel essentials.Baylis & Harding sweet mandarin and grapefruit tote set brings all the luxury sweet mandarin and grapefruit scented travel essentials to you in stylish tote bag. This at home pamper set is the perfect gift for a loved one or even as treat fo..
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Contains 100g Soap, 100g muscle Soak Crystals, 50ml shower gel and 50ml Aftershave BalmIncludes a pair of luxury slippersThe Ginger and Lime fragrance has subtle woody base notes which has been carefully balanced to be both refreshing and soothingSuitable for VegansNot tested on animals..
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The perfect blend of bold and spicy. A blend of whole and nibbled hazelnuts toasted in sweet Wexford honey from Tara Hill Honey and warming spices.This is a topped bar with 62% single origin chocolate from Ecuador. ..
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We create a saline solution with Oriel sea salt and soak our almonds in it. Soaking the nuts not only helps with digestion but it enhances the flavour tremendously.Oriel sea salt is the only nonoxidised mineral sea salt on the planet. A powerful tasting sea salt that has a uniquely smooth taste prof..
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We use Oriel smoked sea salt. Oriel take their kiln dried mineral sea salt and 90 year old Nicauraguan oak kegs freshly emptied from handcrafted Teeling Irish whiskey to create this incredible powerhouse of flavour.To make this bar as smoky as possible they smoke our salt for a longer time.This is a..
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We infuse organic sour cherries in Highbank Orchard Organic Balsamic Cider Vinegar with Wild Mother. Fresh from their orchards in Kilkenny, it is Raw, Unpasteurized and Unfiltered.This delicious vinegar is made only from Highbank Orchards Organic Single Estate Heritage Cider apples.This is a topped ..
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The perfect blend of sweet and spicy. A blend of whole and nibbled hazelnuts toasted in sweet Wexford honey from Tara Hill Honey and warming spices. This is a topped bar with 40% single origin chocolate from Ecuador. ..
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A delicious combination of Achill Island Sea Salt which is Pure Irish sea salt harvested from the wild Atlantic waters of Achill Island and Connemara Seaweed - a combination of Sweet Kelp, Dillisk and Kombu Kelp.The Seaweed is sourced off the Connemara coast. It is hand harvested, dried then milled,..
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BOX BURGER Beef Burger BOX BURGER Beef Burger
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Create Box Burger at home with Box Burger DIY: Do It Yourself and get creative with Box Burger’s award-winning Irish beef patties, fresh house ingredients, tips by chef and fool-proof five step guide. Each box includes the making of six juicy burgers with lots of toppings & sauces to get down &a..
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A wonderful selection of Butlers chocolates A great gift for birthdays and Christmas Each box wrapped with care and has a gold bow to tie it all together An assortment of milk, white and dark chocolates..
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An assortment of chocolates.Cocoa LifePartnering with Fairtrade Foundationcocoalife.orgA delicious selection swirled, smothered and set in Cadbury chocolateDelicious flavours just for youCaramel SoftyHazelnut Swirl*Surprise Parcel**Strawberry TemptationOrange Truffle**Salted Caramel Charm**Truffle H..
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A scrumptious bunch of chocolates Hazel Whirl, Hazel in Caramel, Caramel Bite, Signature Truffle, Golden Barrel, Strawberry Dream, Brazilian Darkness, Coffee Escape, Tangy Orange Creme, Country Fudge, Caramel..
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