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Coravin 6 core - Candy Apple Red

Coravin 6 core - Candy Apple Red

A revolutionary design that will transform the lives of wine lovers everywhere, the Coravin Model Six Core Wine System in Candy Apple Red gives you the freedom to pour the amount you want, be it a glass or half a bottle, without ever removing the cork.

Perfect for serving multiple wines at a dinner party or pairing with different courses of a meal, this highly intelligent system ensures that your last sip will taste as beautiful as your first. Enhanced by chrome accents and easy to use SmartClamps™, it's is available in Candy Apple Red.

Simply select a cork-sealed bottle of wine to enjoy, place the Coravin system on top, and feed through the gentle wine needle. Tilt the bottle to a 45-degree angle and press the trigger to release the wine smoothly, then remove the needle by pulling the Coravin Model Six straight up. The cork will reseal naturally, continuing to protect the wine until your next glass.

Includes two screw caps to allow you to use the system on your wines with screw caps, three Coravin capsules which allow you to pour up to 45 glasses of 150ml, and a handy carry case that enables you to take your wine system with you wherever you go!

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