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Rome de Bellegard Cognac Limited Edition XO

Rome de Bellegard Cognac Limited Edition XO

An Exclusive box for Discerning Individuals

Our X.O Blend: 

  • It took over a year for the distinguished palet of Christophe Fillioux to approve this Blend.
  • Flavour embellished with the most luxurious and rare components such as Grade 1 Blue Mountain coffee beans from Jamaica, Highest Quality of Vanilla extracts from St Bave in Madagascar.
  • Our eaux de vie only originate from Grande Champagne.
  • 100% ugni blanc and 100% aged in Limousin New Oak.

Our Bespoke Wooden Box: 

  • Incredible craftsmanship work handmade.
  • 12-24 man hours are being spent on each box to ensure the highest standard of quality
  • Exceptional materials :Beech Wood, Walnut Paint and Polished.
  • Engraved with gold leaves extract.

Our French Crystal Glass:

  • Both our bottle and glass are made of French Crystal
  • Chef sommelier at the restaurant La Grande Maison, 2 Michelin stars restaurant in Bordeaux, where excellence is a requirement, Dimitri Nalin has been crowned Best Sommelier in Aquitaine 2019. 
  • “Cognac is a combination of culture and encounters with people. I particularly care for wine & spirits pairing and for the bonding moments which come with these times of sharing.” Dimitri Nalin

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