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"Scholar" Pyrography by Zhan Sergejev

"Scholar" Pyrography by Zhan Sergejev

"Scholar" Pyrography on Pine Panel. 30cm x 81cm 

"The first ever Pyrography project in this particular style I have created about 10 years ago. It was and extremely time consuming medium, and it still is. It got an amazing feedback from people. And ever since I was trying to develop it to as close to consistency as I possibly could. But unfortunately sometimes life would steer me away from my artwork. So the progress of development wasn’t exactly rapid.

So with the first Lockdown, just like many other people, I stumbled upon fairly large amounts of spare time in my schedule. So I had no excuse, and I finally figured out my style!

If I was asked about inspiration, my answer would be I don’t believe in it as much as I used to. I tend to sit in front of the screen, or a blank page until I have something on it! And then development of the piece itself begins! Inspiration is for somewhat lazy people.

Most of the artwork takes 50 - 120 hours from start to finish (depending on the size of the piece).I have used other mediums in my time, but I find this one most relaxing, it requires extreme patience and precision. But of course I would be lying if I said that there aren’t any days that it all frustrates the life out of me."

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