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The perfect blend of bold and spicy. A blend of whole and nibbled hazelnuts toasted in sweet Wexford honey from Tara Hill Honey and warming spices.This is a topped bar with 62% single origin chocolate from Ecuador. ..
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We infuse organic sour cherries in Highbank Orchard Organic Balsamic Cider Vinegar with Wild Mother. Fresh from their orchards in Kilkenny, it is Raw, Unpasteurized and Unfiltered.This delicious vinegar is made only from Highbank Orchards Organic Single Estate Heritage Cider apples.This is a topped ..
Ex Tax:€4.84
The perfect blend of sweet and spicy. A blend of whole and nibbled hazelnuts toasted in sweet Wexford honey from Tara Hill Honey and warming spices. This is a topped bar with 40% single origin chocolate from Ecuador. ..
Ex Tax:€4.84
A delicious combination of Achill Island Sea Salt which is Pure Irish sea salt harvested from the wild Atlantic waters of Achill Island and Connemara Seaweed - a combination of Sweet Kelp, Dillisk and Kombu Kelp.The Seaweed is sourced off the Connemara coast. It is hand harvested, dried then milled,..
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An assortment of chocolates.Cocoa LifePartnering with Fairtrade Foundationcocoalife.orgA delicious selection swirled, smothered and set in Cadbury chocolateDelicious flavours just for youCaramel SoftyHazelnut Swirl*Surprise Parcel**Strawberry TemptationOrange Truffle**Salted Caramel Charm**Truffle H..
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A scrumptious bunch of chocolates Hazel Whirl, Hazel in Caramel, Caramel Bite, Signature Truffle, Golden Barrel, Strawberry Dream, Brazilian Darkness, Coffee Escape, Tangy Orange Creme, Country Fudge, Caramel..
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Carrs Table Water Biscuit 125g
2-3 Days
Table Water BiscuitsTo find out how exercise and a balanced diet can help a healthy lifestyle, visit www.123healthybalance.comCarr's Table Water Biscuits are the finest compliment you can give to any topping, no matter what the occasion. We take the utmost care in their creation, baking every crunch..
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Ferrero Rocher Box of Chocolate 16 Pieces; A whole hazelnut surrounded by delicious layers of crispy wafer, a velvety filling, smooth milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnut pieces...
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Our version of the ever popular vanilla chocolate chip cookie made with Belgian chocolate chips.60g..
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Fruit Flavour, Cola Flavour and Sweet Foam GumsCelebrating 25 years of StarmixKids and grown-ups love it so ...the happy world of HARIBO!A portion is a little handful.In this case it's approx. 7 sweetsAlways bin your litter or recycle where possibleShare sizeBritain's favouriteWithout artificial col..
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Buffalo, the most outdoorsy of all the Hunky Dorys. You obviously like things a bit wild west. You're not afraid to rough it, to get your hands dirty, to graze the occasional knee. You laugh in the face of indoor plumbing. Ha! This is what it takes to get you satisfied. That's what going Buffalo is ..
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